3 things I wish I knew before entering the Police Academy.

Below are the three things that are important to know before entering Police Academy.

Preparation 1

Physically fit- When I was in the hiring process I did not think much of this aspect, I figured that it could not be any worse than many of the training camps I attended for sports. I am not sure about other Departments but for mine, all recruits must pass the National Lawfit Test. This test includes a 1.5-mile run, sit-ups, sit and reach, bench press, and pull-ups. Now depending on your age the requirements will vary to pass.

Of all of these tests the sit and reach obviously is of least priority. To work on sit and reach, simply stretch every day. As a baseline I would recommend that you be able to run your 1.5 mile in roughly 12-15 minutes, do at least 10-15 pull-ups, bench press your body weight, and be able to do 45-50 sit-ups in a minute. To pass the test all of your scores will be tallied and a point value will be given, get enough points and you win. If you are at or above this level of fitness you will have the one-up on the couch potatoes. So strap on those running shoes, brush the dust off of your pre-workout and get to work!

Preparation 2

Knowledge- This one is fairly short and sweet, I would not expect anyone to be studying code section, but it will help on future scenarios you will have to perform in the academy. I would recommend that you do 2-3 ride alongs with the department that you have applied for. Doing this you will be able to have a VERY basic understanding of how the department works and how your possible co-workers handle various calls. When I went through my ride alongs I focused on how the officers spoke on the radio. At that point in my life I did not completely understand how “radio traffic” was done. While on your ride along I would encourage you to ask many questions about how your academy works.

Preparation 3

Organization- This is probably the most important. If you are like how I used to be and would lose your ass if it wasn’t so perfectly attached to your body, you are going to have a very difficult time in the academy. For example, my instructors gave all the recruits a small BB that we needed to have on us at all times, if you misplaced this BB you were in for a world of hurt. I would start now, by keeping your important things in an important things place. You will be expected to keep all paperwork neatly organized in a folder or binder, please for the grace of God, DO NOT LET YOUR PAPERWORK GET WRINKLED.

Another thing to focus on which in my opinion falls under being organized. Learn how to press your uniform and shine your boots. One last tip: BE CLEAN SHAVED ON DAY ONE. Do not be the guy that shows up with a 6-month beard in formation, because you will be made an example of. There you have it, the three things that I find to be important before entering Police Academy.

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