The weirdest foot pursuit I have had to date.

It was around 0200 hrs, a fellow officer and myself were outside of our vehicles just talking when I noticed a male walking towards us. This individual gets within a few feet of me and I recognize him from many, many, MANY past experiences. For the story, this mans name will be “Bob”. He walks up to me and gives me a hug, begins explaining that he was grateful for our past experiences and it helped him change his life. Last time I encountered Bob it was just before he went to prison for nearly killing his wife, for the 5th time. Bob is a very violent offender, who can switch without a moment’s notice between talking to you or fighting you.

When it gets juicy

After Bob walked away from me, I asked my fellow officer to run his name to see if he had any warrants, which he did. He had a warrant out of another jurisdiction and was extraditable for child abuse. My fellow officer and I return to our vehicles to catch back up with Bob, we step back out with him. He asked me why I was following him around, I told him that he had a warrant and that we needed to get it taken care of. At this point Bob started to show signs of fleeing, by slowing back up and looking around for a path of escape. I air to dispatch to close the channel due to a possible foot pursuit about to ensue.

I continued to try and use my rapport with Bob to get him to come with me willfully, although it was not enough. At this point Bob had turned his back to us and began sprinting away. I began to air our location and where we were running to. After running two blocks Bob ended up falling, allowing me to get closer, I yelled for him to stay on the ground, which he did not. He got back up and began running again, I was able to reach him and tackle him to the pavement, Bob then started reaching for his waistband, which was unsuccessful. After handcuffs were placed on Bob he began yelling how we were no longer friends and started spitting.

Arrival at docket

Once we arrived at the jail Bob was still extremely irate, and not being cooperative. We were able to meet the magistrate and Bob was advised he was going to be held without bond. Bob returned to the bench and looked at me. He jokingly began saying that “you know I had to make you work for it right” I told Bob that I understood and that I didn’t expect anything less from him. Just before I left I told Bob good luck like I do with everyone I take to jail. He called me back over to him, he hugged me again and said: “stay safe little brother”.

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