The time someone begged me to take them to jail

It was a slow winter night at approx 0300 hrs, I was sitting cozy under a bridge expecting to be writing my last report. Mid-way through typing my narrative my computer makes the noise… a trespassing call at a known narcotic hotel.

I made my way to scene and spoke with the subject in question, this person told me that they were at the hotel to visit a friend. It is important to note that when I walked up to this individual they were eating turtle food from the area where the turtles were. At this point I already knew that this was going to be an interesting encounter.

I began speaking with them and asked why they were not actually with their friend and ultimately came down to the conclusion of telling the subject to leave the area due to them not having a room. The subject told me that I needed to take him to jail, because he was cold. I advised them they would not be going to jail just because they were cold. I began to walk away from the subject, I then heard a loud smashing noise behind me. I turn around to see that the subject had punched through the front display glass, the subject yelled and said: “do you have a reason to take me now!”

Fast forward through the exchange of words that took place. The subject was placed into cuffs and transported to the docket for misdemeanor property damage.

All for nothing

Upon arrival at docket, we spoke with the magistrate. Unfortuanly for my poor arrestee, that wanted to stay out of the cold and decided to damage an innocent persons property, he was released without bond.

Morale of the story, don’t be a douche.

Popo out. Stay safe.

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