The Desensitization of an officer and how it affects job performance

This post is brought to you by my experience tonight.

​Time to get real… scenario time ladies and gentlemen. You’re 11 hours into your 12-hour shift, you are pumping gas into your shop and moments away from hitting that sign off button. “blooop blooop blooop” (the noise at least MY computer makes when a call is sent” the first thing you say in your head is “WHAT THE F*#K” you look down, and see that same address that you have been too at least 100 times. At this point you have already said every cuss word in the English language, and have now created your own language and words. I believe it is safe to say that we all have been there.

You arrive on scene and speak with your victim, “my significant other needs to leave right now, get them out of here now!” “they hit me in the face” At this point you reiterate what you have told this person the previous four times that you have been to this house this week, “they live here, can’t make them leave” you then look at your victims face “no visible injuries, you going to press charges?” we already know that answer though, we ask because we have too. You don’t need to ask for information because you have gathered it from this person so many times it is burned into your brain. You then speak with the significant other, “I am just going to leave officer, I am sick of this”. Well look at that… they broke up again, can’t wait to see them next shift.  

Scenario over folks… bring up any bad memories? I have always tried to tell myself that “people call 911 during the worst times of their lives” and that it doesn’t matter that I have been there 100 times before, this person needs the police, and I am that person to help. I learned quickly that there are too many entitled “victims”, that demand that I do as they say because they allegedly pay taxes. 


The main point I am trying to convey is this, I am going to say “WE” because I know this is an issue we all go through. Have I lost compassion? Not entirely… the only thing that keeps me going is the actual real victims. What keeps you going? Leave a comment about your similar experiences. 

Stay safe brothers and sisters, PoPo out.

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