Responding to my first active shooter, when it’s not training anymore.

The sun was just coming up, rays of orange and red blasting through the mountains of the valley. After working 11 hours I was ready to get my shop back to the PD and get home. While I was pumping gas and clearing out my car dispatch aired a shots fired call near an industrial complex. Which was not out of the ordinary due to the facility making loud noises, calls always came in. Little did I know, I was about to respond to my first active shooter.

After a few units answered up and began making their way to scene I continued on towards the PD. On my way through home stretch the distinct sound of a tone rang through my ears. “BOOOOP BOOOOOP” Dispatch began airing that there was an individual who had suffered from a gun shot wound. I will never forget the next phrase from the dispatcher “attention all units be advised we have reports of an active shooter”. Even saying it in my head gives me chills, it goes without saying…. I responded.

Upon arrival it was concluded that the suspect had shot themselves after striking several other individuals. Although at this point we had to ensure that the individual was acting alone, after roughly 6-7 hours of clearing this complex we finally got relief and I was able to leave.

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