A little about who I am and how I came to be.

Wow this is new….. I guess before I even begin to share stories and experiences it would only make sense to start from the very beginning. My name is Nick, I am 24 years old and I am a Police Officer in a small city of a little under 100,000 people located in a Commonwealth. I am here to tell my story of becoming a police officer, and to share my experiences with all.

When people would ask me as a child what I wanted to do when I got older I would tell them that I was going to be a cop. For some reason, I never wanted to be a professional football player like every single one of my friends.

What sparked the fire of being an officer.

Fast forward many years, just before I applied to my local Police Department I decided to sign up for the ride along program, it seemed to be the only real way to actually see what officers do on the day to day.

My first ride along was on night shift. I met the officer that I was going to be spending the next 12 hours with. Halfway through the shift we stopped at a gas station to get a drink, as I was checking out a distinct tone aired over the radio, the type of noise that causes your heart to skip a beat. The dispatcher aired that there was a GSW (gun shot wound) close to the area that we happened to be. The two of us ran to the car and responded. While responding with lights flashing, siren blazing and hearing the the RPMs of the engine roaring it was almost a sensory overload. As I attempted to follow what was happening I looked at the officer I was riding with, he was cool, calm and collected, which actually assisted me to gather myself.

As the night began to come to an end I knew that the years of aspiring to be an officer was not just some crazy aspiration, it felt as if, for how crazy it sounds, this is what I was meant to do. Following a few more ride alongs and becoming of age, I applied to the department at the ripe age of 20 1/2.

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