It was brought to my attention that Spyderco allows first responders to have a 50 percent discount all items in their store. If you are interested in taking advantage of this amazing program follow this steps below.

First, follow this link

After following the link you will be asked to make an account. After that is completed you will be enrolled.

Spyderco creates knives with top quality steel.


Do not be that guy that does not carry a tourniquet. I am here to provide you with this discount on this amazing product. It may save your friends life one day. 


To take advantage of this discount please follow these steps: 



After following the above link, select your field. You will then be prompted to verify you are actually a first responder. Once you do that you will be provided with a 25 percent discount in your cart. This is NOT just a one time use code, you may continue to get a discount if you follow the above steps again. 


    • You can only get a code ONCE a day.

Danner boot discount

In need of a new set of boots? Look no further than Danner boots! In order to obtain this 20 percent discount follow these steps:

Email support with your government email, explaining that you would like to obtain this discount. 

*be advised, I have not been able to confirm if this is a one time use or a multi use. 

Microtech Knives discount

Interested in a Microtech knife? If you are a first responder this is your chance. To gain this discount follow these steps: 

At this point in time, due to COVID the program is currently unavailable, i will update this post when it is back up and running!

Benchmade Knives discount


Interested in a Benchmade knife? If you are a first responder this is your chance. To gain this 30 percent discount follow these steps. 

  1. Create an account and get verified. Follow the link below.


2. After creating your account and have gotten verified you may now shop on Benchmade. After you have added your items in the shopping cart, go to checkout. Once You find yourself on the checkout page you will have to connect your page to Benchmade. You will see just above your items in the cart an option to choose which type of first responder you are. Once you select that, BOOM 30 percent off.